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Wireless reversing Camera systems

     We do stock a wide range of digital reversing camera kits. We decided to use separate transmitters and receivers rather than have these built into the cameras and monitors. The main reason we went this route is it works better! You can move the transmitter and receiver into areas where there are less obstacles to the signal. For example we have known occasions where a camera is placed next to a steel beam with the aerial almost touching. In this situation a large % of the signal is absorbed by the beam meaning it reduces its range. By have the separate transmitter it can be moved away from the beam improving its signal. We stock the older analogue transmiters and receivers, but the digital ones are much better. We offer 2 types of digital transmitter and receiver depending if you want a waterproof case or not. If you look at all our systems you can select the wireless option. It gives you the largest choice of combinations and cameras that are wireless in the UK to our knowledge.

We now have some new digital wireless cameras and monitors. We have priced these up so you can create a system matching the monitor you want with the camera you want. There are 2 wireless ranges 60m and 100m. You can only match products from the same range.

The image below shows how to select a wireless reversing camera system

Ordering a wireless reversing camera

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7 inch Digital Wireless Reversing Monitor

7 inch Digital Wireless Reversing Monitor£174.80

100m Digital Wireless Bridge

100m Digital Wireless Bridge£140.00   £125.00

5 inch digital wireless system

5 inch digital wireless system£120.00

7 inch wireless monitor with suction mount

7 inch wireless monitor with suction mount£117.30

Wireless digital reversing camera

Wireless digital reversing camera£117.30

60m Digital Wireless Bridge

60m Digital Wireless Bridge£108.00

Digital wireless reversing camera

Digital wireless reversing cameraFrom:  £105.80

5 inch digital wireless suction mount monitor

5 inch digital wireless suction mount monitor£103.50

Internal digital wireless bridge

Internal digital wireless bridge£84.00

Digital wireless transmitter with 100m range

Digital wireless transmitter with 100m range£74.00

60m Digital wireless transmitter

60m Digital wireless transmitter£48.00   £54.00


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Accident recorders

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All reversing cameras

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Latest Products

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