Why buy a reversing camera

Dent on BMW due to not having a reversing camera




This photograph shows the value of a reversing camera. Although this BMW had factory fitted sensors they failed to warn of the low wall behind. The car needed a new bumper which cost time, money and inconvenience. A camera and monitor was a fraction of the price and could have prevented this.

A camera will help:

Reversing safely into parking spaces.

Give you a good rear view if your van has no back window.

Save money and aggravation by helping avoid bumps.

Give lower insurance as you are keeping your no claims discount. Also many companies will offer a discount if a reversing camera is fitted. On my motorhome it is 5% discount.

Keep your marriage on happier lines as there will be no arguing over the "a bit more, more, more, too far!!!" type guidance your no longer have to rely on.

Impress your mates that do not have one.

Help you reverse onto trailer or caravan hitches.