Diamond Shaped Hi-Res Reversing Camera | CAM918

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400 g
Introduction to product

This product features the black diamond-shaped reversing camera, a style that appeals to those who prefer a departure from the conventional square bracket camera commonly seen at the rear of vehicles. This camera style's popularity arises from its uniqueness and its appeal to individuals seeking an alternative aesthetic.

The camera offers adjustable tilt up/down, allowing you to view downward, or angling it straight back to monitor following traffic. 

Equipped with IR Infra Red LED technology, the camera excels in night vision capabilities. Although these IR LEDs remain imperceptible to the human eye, they emit light that enables the camera to capture clear images in low-light conditions. This ensures enhanced visibility during night time driving.

At the end of the fly lead, the camera boasts either a 4-pin aviation plug, designed to seamlessly connect with any of our 4-pin monitors available on the site, or a phono/rca plug + red/black bare wires (depending on the option selected). 

The camera's design includes thoughtful waterproofing elements. It arrives with a rubber gasket designed to fit onto the base of the camera, contributing to its waterproofing integrity. Additionally, a pre-fitted cable grommet aids in maintaining a waterproof seal around the cable entry point, adding an extra layer of protection against water intrusion.

Boasting a waterproof rating of IP68, the camera is engineered to withstand various environmental conditions, making it a dependable choice for outdoor use.

With an approximate diagonal viewing angle of 150 degrees, the camera offers a wide and comprehensive field of view. This expansive perspective enhances overall awareness while maneuvering the vehicle.

The camera's mirror image functionality replicates the familiar view found in traditional rear view mirrors. This feature ensures a seamless transition for drivers accustomed to conventional mirror orientations.

The camera operates on 12V systems found on vehicles such as vans, and motorhomes.  To use this on a 24V HGV/Lorry, you would need to select the 4 pin version, and ensure that the 4 pin monitor outputs 12V (most do - including all of ours).

During daylight hours, the camera presents vibrant colour images. As night falls, it seamlessly transitions to delivering black and white images for optimal clarity in low-light settings. This functionality is attributed to the camera's high-spec image sensor, providing exceptional image quality even in challenging lighting conditions.