Water Resistant Red Solder Seal Wire Splice Butt Connectors

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Introduction to product

 These connectors have a ring of solder inside, which melts when a heat gun is used to heat. The heat shrink also shrinks to secure the joint, as well as internal hot melt adhesive to provide a water resistant seal.  It is an easy way of soldering two cables together without the worry of solder dripping onto upholstery.

To use :

  1. Slide the connector to one side of the two wires that you wish to connect together
  2. Remove approx 1cm of flex from each side of the cable to reveal the metal strands
  3. Twist the metal strands from both wires together
  4. Slide the connector so that the ring of solder is located in the centre of the joint
  5. Ensure that the heat shrink will cover the entire joint
  6. Heat the joint up gently with a heat gun (follow usual precautions of ensuring the heat doesn't melt anything behind where you are making the joint). Ensure you move the joint/heat gun so that it is heated evenly all around
  7. Check the connection to ensure that it is secure and you can see the solder has melted across the metal strands inside the joint