Remote control for rear view monitor

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Introduction to product

We have a collection of remote controls depending on which monitor you have. Usually people lose these and make do with the buttons on the monitor. If however you would like a replacement you can buy one here.

We sell a lot of the version B remote control which we believe is because they work with Veba monitors. It is actually the remote control for our MON5001. Our version F also works with the MON5001 and in our view is the nicer of the 2 remotes. Our customers have confirmed that version F does work with the Veba mirror monitor. We always put in a new battery with these remote controls. Remote E works with some of the Veise monitors.

Remote F will be of use to Autosleeper owners if they have the modern mirror monitor with no menu and the small 6 mm 8 pin plug. That remote will allow you to turn it on when you want to for always on rear view.