Mini CMOS bracket reversing camera with IR leds

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Introduction to product

This small CMOS reversing camera is ideal for mounting in the number plate area. It is one of the new generation of high resolution CMOS sensors that perform as well as cameras that use a CCD sensor. It gives a 700 TVL image and uses a composite glass lens. You can often find this design that use the cheaper plastic lenses, but those tend to mist over time as UV light affects the plastic. The sensor used is the PC4089 1/3" CMOS sensor, which is found in many of our better quality CMOS reversing cameras. We had these cameras made with the option of grid lines or a normal camera view so it can be used as a forward facing camera. The camera has IR LEDs to provide night vision.

This camera does not have infra-red cut as it is too small. As a result when there is a large amount of green vegetation in the image the colours will tend to be shifted towards the red end of the spectrum. On normal road conditions colour reproduction is normally good.

Specification of camera


  • Image device:- PC4089 CMOS sensor
  • Resolution: 700 TVL
  • Mirror image
  • IP rating: Ip68
  • Camera angle: 170 degrees diagonal
  • HD all glass composite lens
  • 10G vibration rating



12 volt
Type of sensor
Sensor size
1/3" sensor
Camera angle
150 degrees
Video Format