Magnetic reversing camera mount
Magnetic reversing camera mount

Magnetic reversing camera mount

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Introduction to product

If you need a good quality magnetic mount for a reversing camera then this is perfect. It allows the easy mounting of a camera if you have various items of equipment you need to put a camera on. It is typically used on farm equipment where a tractor might have a variety of machines attached over the year. Using our cables with 4 pin connectors it is easy to disconnect and move the camera onto the various machines attached to the tractor. The magnets used for this mount are strong enough to withstand the vibration of a machine. As a precaution they will be packed in a box so they do not attach themselves to sorting office machinery!

We often use these when testing cameras out on a vehicle. We have never known them slip or vibrate out of position even though we have some of the bumpiest roads in the country here! One issue we did find with our AHD camera is that it affected the micro switch inside that operated the night view. We therefor do not recommend their use with AHD cameras. All our normal range seem unaffected.

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