Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer, Citreon Relay high level brake light reversing camera

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Introduction to product

This is ideal for the Fiat Ducato, Citroen Relay and Peugeot Boxer to replace an existing brake light. There are two versions available depending on the mounting of your existing brake light. If your brake light has two screws entering from the front then select version 2 - CAM1723. If your existing brake light bolts from the rear then select version 1 - CAM1722 instead. The camera is a ball design and can be angled around to give the ideal view. The design of the ball can vary slightly from batch to batch. The image sensor we have installed is a premium CMOS 700TVL. The camera has the 4 pin plug on it's fly lead, this is waterproof. The camera is waterproof up to IP68.

The camera is supplied without cables or adaptors. If you need these they can be selected using the drop down menus above.

PLEASE NOTE:- We have found the date ranges for these unreliable as a means of identifying which version you need. The deciding factor is if it needs bolts or not. Early ones are usually bolts and later screws. If you can find the part number then version 2  replaces part 1340670080 which was fitted from 20016 on the Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer and Citeon Relay.

Fiat Ducato Spacer

The photgraph above shows a 2017 Fiat Ducato. On this van it had a high level brake light that was attached by screws. These fitted into spacers that were fixed to the van with 10mm nuts. By removing them our version of the camera with bolts fitted. It means you can fit the bolt version to newer vans with the screw fitting providing it has these removable spacers.

CAM1723 power connectors

The power lead to the original brake light did not match up to the power connector on the brake light camera. As a result we removed them and soldered the wires together. It will not affect the guarantee we offer if you need to do this.

Fitting CAM1723

If you are using the bolt version then you get access to the fixings from inside the vehicle. Above the doors you should find a large hole in the metal at the centre which gives you access to the wires and fixing bolts. Just to one side of this there is a smaller hole you can feed a socket through with an extension bar to attach the nuts. It sounds easy, but make sure you have a couple of spare 10mm nuts. In this picture you will see we have cut the plugs off the power lead for the actual brake lights, soldered them together and are about to heat shrink the joins.

CAM1723 looking at shutters

Once the camera is in place it is then a matter of connecting the 4 pin extension cable to your monitor. Looking at the amount of difficulty in running the cable though we took the easy option and installed a wireless bridge. With modern vehicles you always need to be wary of CANBUS issues. Taking power off a lighting circuit can trigger bulb failure warnings or it might even cut power to protect the circuit. On the Ducato we worked on we decided to leave the vehicle electrics well alone. In theory there is a ignition live to the rear light cluster which is used during the installation of a tow bar. We could not find its location though. We settled for leaving the power socket externally and using a rechargable battery. You could equally just run a cable front to back and run it off a lighter plug. Finishing the job off is a matter of just replacing the trim

Version 2 notes

Ducato brake light

The version 2 is simple to remove as both screws can be taken out from the outside. The silver light bar can then be removed from the red plastic by carefully releasing the plastic retainers.

Ducato camera with light bar

The light bar can then be clipped into the brake light camera. You re-attach the power lead for the brake lights and run the 4 pin extension cable to the front of the vehicle where the monitor is.

Specification of Camera

Specification of camera

  • Sensor:                         1/3 PC4089 CMOS
  • TV lines:                       700 TVL
  • TV System:                  NTSC/PAL see listings for detail
  • Lens:                            1.9mm
  • Min Illumination:      0 Lux (LED ON)
  • IR LEDs:                       8 pcs
  • Night vision distance: 30 feet       
  • Viewing angle:           150 degrees
  • Camera lens adjustable: 20 degrees (up and down)
  • Power voltage:          12V
  • Current consumption: 150 mA
  • Operation Temp:        -20 to +70 degrees C
  • Connector:                  4 pin aviation
  • Certification:              FCC, CE, E Mark, RoHS
  • Effective Pixels:          976 (H) x 592 (V)
Bar Code
12 volt
Connector type
4 pin aviation
700 TVL
Special features
6 IR LEDs for night vision
Type of sensor
Sensor size
1/3" sensor
Camera angle
150 degrees