4 pin to PS2 adaptors
4 pin to PS2 adaptors
4 pin to PS2 adaptors
4 pin to PS2 adaptors

4 pin to PS2 adaptors

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Introduction to product

We deliberately keep these out of stock, but we have plenty available. A lot of older motorhomes come with reversing cameras that use the PS/2 style connector. We created these adaptors to allow our cameras to be used with the long extension cable to convert them into a 4 pin aviation style connector. All it takes is one of the adaptor A and one adaptor C. You will neede to order 2 adaptors to do this. These go either end of you long extension cable to create a 4 pin aviation style cable.

On very old motorhomes the PS/2 cable fitted was simply an extension cable for a computer mouse or keyboard. These came in 2 types, one way or 2 way. The one way version had 4 of the pins connected and the 2 way all 6. You could identify if it was one way or two way as the placed arrows on the connector. One arrow or two pointing in opposite directions. However just to complicate matters some were marked one way even though they had 6 pins connected. Our adaptors will not work with true one way cables.

We have been working on our range of adaptors. If you are looking for a 6 pin to 4 pin adaptor you are best emailing us with details of what camera system has been fitted. We have been working on a number of adaptors to allow cameras to be fitted to obsolete systems. If it is a relatively common system then we either have or can make an adaptor.