200cm Micro Fuse Tap "Piggyback fuse holder" to 2.1mm DC socket

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Introduction to product

Fuse taps are a convenient way to tap into a power supply for your new camera system.  We had these made up so that they would plug in to the 2.1mm DC sockets that are on most of our monitor wiring harnesses. There are a few sizes of fuse taps depending on what type of fuse your prospective circuit in the fuse box uses.  The red/black wires are 200cm in length.

When it comes to fitting you will have to remember the following precautions:

  1. Select a non-critical circuit ie avoid ABS/Airbags/ECU etc.
  2. Select a switched 12/24V supply to avoid the system draining battery when parked up.
  3. Fusetaps are suitable for low amp connections, reversing camera kits are usually fitted with 3-5amp fuses.  You will need to ensure that the fuse installed in the original circuit that you wish to tap off is greater than the fuse supplied with the fuse tap.
  4. We provide a 3 amp fuse with this fuse tap.
  5. **MOST IMPORTANT** On fuse boards you have a "hot" side, which is where the power enters the fuse.  You must ensure that the left side of the fuse (the side opposite where the red wire is connected) is inserted in to this "hot" side - inserting the wrong way around would mean that the fuse is bypassed and protection is removed.
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