15m 4 pin reversing camera extension cable witn 8mm link

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Introduction to product

This cable is for the CCD reversing camera systems that have waterproof connectors. It is 15m long and comes with a rubber O-ring on the screw fit connector. Together with the rubber boot this makes 2 layers of water ingress protection.  We have added an 8mm link 1m from the front of the cable. This is made specially for ease of threading the cable through cupboards in motorhomes and caravans. Only an 8mm hole needs to be drilled to pass the cable through. Although the 8mm link is designed to be waterproof we do not recommend it is used in exposed areas.

We have these cables made to our specification. The cable diameter is 0.5mm with a pure copper and aluminium foil outer shielding. The inner cores are made from pure copper using 12 strands of 0.12mm bare copper. A lot of cable on the market use copper coated aluminium (CCA) or copper coated steel (CCS) which are more easily damaged and give reduced image quality.

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4 pin aviation
Special features
8mm link to reduce hole sizes
Cable length