15m 4 pin extension cable with 8mm link

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Our CAM222 twin lens reversing camera is effectively two cameras in the same body. This cable has been developed to send the signal from both cameras down a single cable. It overcomes issues of cross channel interference found with poorer quality cables. By having one cable it simplifies feeding cables through a vehicle. It also keeps the number of connections down to improve reliability. We now supply this cable with all our twin lens systems. This listing is for the 15m version.This has an 8mm link inserted 1m from the front to allow easy wiring through cupboards in motorhomes and caravans. You only need 8mm holes to pass the cable through.

AHD camera systems are very rare, but if you have one we recommend the use of 2 single cables rather than a Y-cable. This is because an AHD camera operates at a higher frequency and we have noticed a drop in image quality especially at night when a Y-cable is used.

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4 pin aviation
Special features
8mm link to reduce hole sixes
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