10m Y cable with 8mm disconnect point for our AHD reversing camera range

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Introduction to product

This is a quality Y cable made to our specification to use with AHD twin cameras. All our cables are made with pure copper rather than the cheaper CCA or CCS versions. This cable has bare copper screening around each signal wire as well as an aluminium foil around all the wires in the cable. These are designed specially for our 1080P AHD twin cameras to cope with the higher frequency signal the wire has to transmit. Our normal cables are fine with our CVBS range. These cables use the 4 pin aviation style connector with rubber boots to cover the male end. There is a rubber O-ring on the female connector and you should always check your camera has this before assembly. Together with the rubber boot it gives 2 layers of waterproof protection and we find a correctly assembled connector will remain waterproof for effectively the life of the vehicle.

The Y cables need a large hole to get the cable through panels. To overcome this problem we have a pull apart joint 1m from the front of the cable. This means you only need an 8mm diameter hole to feed the cable through. Once done the connector is easily reconnected by pushing together making sure you have lined the markings up correctly. All our 8mm joints will have marker tape on them. This is to identify how they are wired up and only joints with the same marker tape should be connected to each other.

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