Our wireless range of reversing cameras

With the development of digital wireless reversing cameras it has seen a growth in popularity of these systems. They offer interference free reception and will work over the distance of the largest motor vehicle. We have been able to make any of our reversing cameras wirless using out digital wireless bridges. These add a transmitter to the camera and a receiver to the monitor. We have expanded on this bringing in cameras and monitors with built in transmitters and receivers. Our range is based on a 5" and a 7" monitor that is powered from a lighter plug or can be hard wired in. The cameras can either be a typical bracket style reversing camera or one that fits behind the number plate. The monitors can also be matched with and of our reversing cameras with the use of a digital transmitter. The range comes in 2 levels of power - 60m and 100m. For most applications the 60m version will be ample. You cannot mix equipment that have different ranges so a 60m transmitter will not work with a 100m monitor. The 100m versions of the monitor can accept more than 1 camera up to a maximum of 4 cameras.