AHD Reversing Camera Systems

AHD (analogue high definition) cameras have been around for several years in the CCTV sector. As yet they have not been adopted by the reversing camera market as there were several technical issues to solve. AHD systems give a greater resolution and make use of the latest CMOS sensors on the market. These sensors give accurate colour reproduction and better night vision than the CCD sensors. The Sony Starvis will actually give better night vision than our eyes. The one technical issue is they operate by sending the complete picture rather than build it up line by line. This means that when travelling quickly the picture can give the appearance of a slight flicker as it jumps from one frame to the next. The better resolution and night vision however more than compensates for it. With AHD you can get the signal from 2 cameras down a standard 4 core cable without any cross channel "talk". This will make upgrading factory fir systems a lot more easy. AHD monitors are usually hybrid, capable of taking the new AHD cameras and the older analogue cameras. To get the full benefit of AHD you need to replace both the monitor and camera. Our first AHD systems should be arriving the middle of June 2018.