Y cable adaptors

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On vehicles where there is a single 4 pin extension cable these can be used to convert it into a Y-cable set for a twin lens camera. As the existing 4 pin cable usually hasn't been designed to carry 2 video signals there is always a possibility you will get a small amount of cross-channel interference (ghosting of one image over the other). Not having to put a new cable in though sometimes makes this a viable option, but it is something to be aware of before buying. 

These cables are for a standard 4 pin aviation style connector. There are several variations of 4 pin connector so please check these will fit.

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to split a video with one signal going to a monitor and the other going to a recorder then this cable will not do that. We do stock a 4 pin Y-splitter cable that will do the job though. Please contact us for details.

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