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Dash mount AHD monitor and reversing camera

Dash mount AHD monitor and reversing camera
Our Price:  £195.00(Inc. 20% VAT)(£162.50 Exc. VAT)

Model:  SYS90AHD15mB
Voltage  12/24 volt
Screen size  7" diagonal
Screen resolution  1024 x 600 pixels
Connector type  4 pin aviation
Type of sensor  AHD CMOS
Camera angle  120 degrees

This matches the AHD version of our MON16 rear view monitor with a quality AHD bracket reversing camera. The monitor uses a 1024 x 600 pixel panel with a high brightness screen and wide viewing angles. It is a hybrid monitor so you can mix normal CVBS cameras and AHD cameras. The AHD bracket camera used has exceptional night vision.  One thing to note is AHD camera systems activate a little slower than our CVBS versions. We estimate it takes 3 seconds from activation to showing a picture.

The following pictures show screen shots of this system in various situations. We use a mobile phone for these pictures as they seem to offer the best results. One problem we come across is you get "interefernce patterns" on the photograph that are not there on the actual monitor. Also the night views tend to be a little more blurred than the actually are. The results though will give an impression of what you will see.


This picture shows the reversing camera angled down for use as a reversing aid. You can clearly see the road for about 100 foot behind. The camera covers the corners of the van plus about 2 foot either side when mounted about 7.5 feet high. The colour reproduction is improved compared to the older CVBS format.

SYS90AHD night view with lights on

This photograph was taken at night in an area of poor street lighting. The vehicle lights were on, but not the reversing light.


This photograph was taken when there was no moon and well away from any other light source. The vehicle lights were on and the camera also was aided by the IR LEDS. You would certainly be able to see any obstacles behind you.

SYS90AHD at night with no lights

We turned the vehicle lights off for this picture. It was in total darkness relying on just the IR LEDs of the camera. These produce a focused beam of IR Light which is why the corners are dark. We will be adding video of the camera in use at some point once we have overcome the technical difficulties. That will show the conditions at night where the street lighting gives enough illumination for some imprssive shots.



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