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AHD mirror monitor and bracket AHD reversing camera

AHD mirror monitor and bracket AHD reversing camera
Our Price:  £193.00(Inc. 20% VAT)(£160.83 Exc. VAT)

Model:  SYS70AHD12m8mmlinkB
Voltage  12/24 volt
Screen size  7" diagonal
Screen resolution  1024 x 600 pixels
Connector type  4 pin aviation
Type of sensor  AHD CMOS
Camera angle  120 degrees

Our clip over mirror monitor and bracket reversing camera has always been a popular option. It has now just got a lot better with the switch to AHD. This offers a higher brightness monitor with increased resolution and wider viewing angles. The AHD camera gives improved night vision together with a clear colour day view. The monitor is a hybrid model so you can use both CVBS and AHD cameras. With a resolutiion of 1024 x 600 pixels it is capable of producing a detailed image.

Mirror monitors can affect radio reception in vehicles where the aerial is on the same level. This is due to them absorbing the signal as they act like a earthed reflector (similar to the square panel found on TV aerials). It is something to consider before buying.

The following pictures show screen shots of this system in various situations. We use a mobile phone for these pictures as they seem to offer the best results. One problem we come across is you get "interefernce patterns" on the photograph that are not there on the actual monitor. Also the night views tend to be a little more blurred than the actually are. The results though will give an impression of what you will see.

SYS70AHD showing day view on the clip on mirror monitor

We have the camera mounted below the brake light on a Fiat Ducato with a bicycle rack attached. At above 7.5 feet high it shows about 11 foot back and a couple of feet either side the width of the van. You can just about make out the rubber bump stop on the corner of the van where the kerb is.

SYS70AHD in total darkness lights on

This image was taken in a area of as close to total darkness we could find - Ramsgate sewage works! It is a shame it was not an area that smelt of roses. The vehicle lights were on and it demonstrates just how good the night vision is. Next time we will remember to remove the spiders web you can clearly see.

SYS50AHD in total darkness no vehicle lights

This last picture is taken in an area of total darkness, but with the vehicle lights off. The high power IR LEDs give good illumination close to the vehicle.  The quality of the night vision does depend on what is in the image. A very reflective source can make the surrounding area dark as the camera tries to balance out the image.

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