Mirror monitor repair

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Introduction to product

This repair is only for our MON293 or MON291. If the monitor is repairable then we will repair and fully test it and give a 12 month warranty on the repair. We can only repair monitors supplied by us. They will have a silver sticker on them with a number starting with the letters RC. It is strongly suggested you contact us first before ordering. If we cannot repair the monitor we will refund the cost of the repair. Postage will also be refunded if you do not require the monitor to be returned.

This repair includes replacing the glass front or spring clips if accidentally damaged. If the moitor is not working our success rate depends on its age and if we have the components to do it. Generally we only succeed in around 50% of the repairs. Early monitors generally cannot be repaired - the have 6 screws holding the rear on.

We advise you email us before prdering to check suitability.